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The Standard Of Choose And Buy Curly Lace Front Wigs

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 2:28:28 AM America/Los_Angeles

The Standard Of Choose And Buy Curly Lace Front WigsIn modern times, the matching of wigs has become a trend and fashion. In daily life, more and more people wear wigs to match clothes or make up for their lack of hair. And the choice of wig is the same as buying clothes, also have certain standard and requirement. Now, Let me introduce to you how to choose when buying wigs.

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Best Tips On How To Look After Your Hair During Summer

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 2:02:14 AM America/Los_Angeles

Best Tips On How To Look After Your Hair During SummerSummer is fast approaching and with all the different activities that it engages, the way you take care of your hair is changing as well. Here is a compilation of tips on keeping your hair in great condition through the hot season.

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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

Wednesday, June 19, 2019 12:03:12 AM America/Los_Angeles

west kiss hairHow often do you wash your natural wave hair? Are you washing your hair too much? Wondering how often should you wash your hair? Here we are going to discuss some tips and answers to all the questions.

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How to Maintain Brazilian Hair Weave

Friday, September 28, 2018 2:52:11 AM America/Los_Angeles

The key to taking care of Brazilian hair weave is regular washing and deep conditioning. This helps to prevent oil and product buildup, which can leave Brazilian hair weave looking dull and limp. Before you begin washing your extensions, comb thorough the hair using a wide-toothed comb to remove any tangles.

After the hair is detangled, thoroughly apply some type of natural hair, such as coconut or olive oil, to your scalp and natural hair. Oil should also be applied to any portions of your natural hair that are left out, especially at the crown, nape and hairline.

Once oils have been applied, you will need to dampen your extensions. Using a spray bottle, begin misting your hair with water in manageable sections. Be sure that all of the hair is damp and wet, then comb through it again using your wide-toothed comb. You also need to comb through any portions of your real hair that are left out.

Next, take your favorite deep conditioning treatment or masque and apply it to both your real hair and Brazilian extensions. You’ll need to use an ample amount of conditioning product to saturate the weave thoroughly. Once the conditioner has been added, clip or pin your hair up and put on a plastic shower cap.

You should wear the shower cap for at least one hour before washing. You’ll have better results if you wash your hair with a pure, or sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
On towel-dried hair, you will next apply your favorite straightening balm and natural oil. Be sure that these products are distributed thoroughly throughout your extensions and real hair.

The next step is blow drying. This may take you some time as you want to make sure that all the hair weave is dry, especially the tracks. Use a round or paddle brush as you blow dry the hair to prevent tangles and speed up the drying process.

After drying all of your hair, brush through it again to remove any knots or tangles and begin applying your favorite leave-in conditioner to the weave and all parts of your natural hair.

Lightly go over your hair again with a blow dryer. The heat from your blow dryer sets the leave-in conditioner and helps it penetrate your scalp.

Brush your hair weave again and then add your favorite natural oil to the extensions. Place your part where desired and separate your hair down the middle into two sections.

Add your favorite setting lotion or foam and braid each section into a large braid. This step helps to reestablish any wave or curl pattern in the weave. If you’re going for a straight look, don’t braid the hair. Instead, wrap the hair around your head and secure it in place with clips or bobby pins.

Taking care of your Brazilian hair weave is important for beautiful, long-lasting weaves. It is critical to the health of your real hair as well. The process outlined above is simple and will leave both your weave and natural hair feeling clean and refreshed. It’s recommended that you complete this washing routine at night before bed. This will allows your hair to set overnight and will reduce styling time in the morning.

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How to Care for Your Hair

Saturday, April 7, 2018 2:50:10 AM America/Los_Angeles

How many days could you comfortably go without washing your hair before you would feel the overwhelming need to scrub your scalp and remove the smells, chemicals, and environmental elements? How long could you go without combing or brushing your hair before it tangles, knots, or overall appearance would begin to bother you or weigh on your self-esteem?

If you are like most people, the answer is, “about two days…maximum”. Why is it then, that most women who are wearing wigs and quality hair pieces seem to think they can wash their wigs, weaves, and toupees once a month or every other month? Could you wear your natural hair for a month without washing it? Of course not!

The way you care for your hair is exactly the same way you should care for your wig. Your wig needs to be washed and conditioned to maintain moisture and keep the hair healthy.

You also need to consider the color of the hair in your wig as some colors will tend to oxidize and require a toner treatment to revive the natural highlights and restore the health and vitality of your wig.

You should also consider the environment you live in and the weather when you think about how often your hair- wig needs to be washed; If you wear your hair a few hours a day or for an entire work day and commute, you are exposed to more of the elements, pollution, and airborne aromas. All of these factors impact how often you should wash your hair.

As a general rule, a wig that is worn daily should be washed as soon as you notice it is not styling easily, looks flat or has lost its luster.

It is always best when considering a wash, dry and set, that you speak to your hair care professional (and let them take good care of your hair) to know how to best care for your hair. Every wig is special in its own way and may require a little more effort for some colors and styles. Whatever you decide to do, remember, “your hair is your finest accessory” and you want to wear it well. Keep it clean. When you are not wearing it, place it properly on a head form to keep it in the right shape and prevent any folds or tangles. See your hair care professional regularly to maintain your wig and keep it lasting as long as possible.

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How to Care For Your Virgin Hair

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 2:12:17 AM America/Los_Angeles

If have made the decision of buying virgin hair , make sure you get your hands on the highest quality strands. Remember, despite the high quality all kinds of hair need to be taken care of properly and you need to treat them like your own natural hair. Here are some of the best hair care tips for your virgin hair :

Use Good Products
Always brush your hair gently and make sure you give proper treatment to your hair. Otherwise, they are bound to get damaged quickly. Make sure both your shampoo and conditioner are of good quality to keep your hair soft. Conditioning plays a vital role in keeping your hair soft and manageable, so use leave-on hair conditioners for best results.

Be Gentle
Begin by detangling your virgin hair from the roots to end before you shampoo them. While shampooing, don’t get rough as it may cause them to get tangled again. Gently dry your hair and avoid rubbing it with a towel. It also helps to use a serum or gel after shampooing them to keep the natural texture intact. But don’t leave any kind of product in your hair for an extended period of time.

Use Moisturizing Hair Products
Wash your hair at most thrice a week using moisturizing hair care products. Since the hair don’t get natural oils from the scalp, the moisturizing products keep them in a good condition and prevent dry ends.

Heat Protectants
To reduce the damage from heat, use hair protectants in your hair. Avoid using hair dryers, irons, and curlers in your virgin hair and try to let them dry naturally. Heating products can take away the luster and shine, and you will have to replace your sooner than you should.

Other Tips
Don’t go to bed with wet hair and try to tie your hair to prevent tangling. Try to keep the hair out of the water. If you swim, wear a cap and once done, immediately shampoo and condition them. Once a week, deep condition your hair to retain the natural texture and shine.

Since hair are getting any nutrients or sebum naturally, you need to be extra careful. High quality ones cost a lot and they are definitely worth all the care!

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How To Make A Lace Front Closure Virgin Hair

Saturday, March 3, 2018 1:28:08 AM America/Los_Angeles

Today we will emphasize on how to make Lace Front Closure Virgin Hair in few easy steps. This would help many to understand as for how it works. In addition, we will have an idea as for why it’s so popular among the African American women who are known for their epic hair styles all over the world. What exactly it is- The best feature of a lace front closure is it gives a better look and feel as compared to wigs. Below are the quick steps for creating a lace front closure. Below are the quick steps for creating a lace front closure.


Preparation Of The Lace Front
In order to get a perfectly fitted closure, we have to measure the entire diameter of the head. Before commencing, to get the exact measurement flatten the hairs on the head as much possible. Now to get the measurement, we have to hold the measuring tape on our natural hair line and run it back to the place where we want the front of the lace closure. In the same way, we need to measure it from side to side. In order to do this, we have to hold the measuring tape just in front of an ear where our natural hairline ends and wrap up the measuring tape over the head to the same spot in front of the opposite ear.


Create The Design
The easiest way to do this is by taking a thin plastic wrap and putting it over the entire head, make sure that it doesn’t get loosened up, so best is to tie it in the back. In addition, we have to apply a clear adhesive to the plastic wrap and then start the design part. The wrap should be tight while taking the measurement from the front to back and for the two sides of ears. Mark the natural hairline using a pencil and then tape it accordingly.


Getting The Design
Here we remove the plastic design or pattern from the head prepare it to pin it to the wig block. We have to make sure that the design is properly secured on the wig block.


Placing The Lace On The Block
Here we have to cover the lace over the pattern on the block. Please ensure that we have to trace the hairline using small straight pins, so be careful. Start with the front hairline and then move back towards the back. The pattern has to be tightly secured and the pinning process should be same. If there is any extra lace falling, we can sew it up and pin the tip of the fold to secure it.


Final Testing Time
Finally, we can move away from the pins from the lace and remove the cap from the design. Place it on your head to check the fitting of the cap and adjust it accordingly.

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