How to be more beautiful ? It’s complex question with thousands answers. And it’s personal and special for everyone. Women are often do a lot of work on their hair, their make up, their clothes... A friendly fake scalp wig now are coming to save your time. But firstly, What’s beauty ? The topic of replying may be same, from soul to body, like Marilyn Monroe, even though just wearing jute bag, it has been best show for most people. All the beauty are difficult to get, for example: the wonderful human body; intoxicating expression in one’s eyes; angel’s sunshine smile and full, vivid hair.

When all the clothes of previous year are out of fashion, the colorful dress will be added into cart.Comparing to clothes fashion, the another almost same high changeable frequencies should be your hair style, traditional straight hair, noble body wave hair or young curly wave hair. When getting the hair bundles and frontal or closure, not like dress, you just need to cut label then wear it, a complex and huge progress will be start, sending hair to stylist for a beautiful wig, but all the same concern, will the wig be beautiful and suitable ?

To cancel the concern, more and more people begin to learn how to make wig, selected cap, sewing bundles and bleaching knots. All the steps of the making wig, bleaching knots should be best difficult to learn and master, light bleaching and over-bleaching become your friends, even sometime, the chemical destroyed whole frontal or closure, you have no choice but re-order another replacement.

So, why not directly select a human hair wig directly? Maybe a fake scalp wig ? The pre-bleaching knots are finished by professional workers, skin color cap is more comfortable and natural, just like the wig’s name, fake scalp. The cap is combination of three different lace, skin color lace, middle is softer lace, the lace closed skin is a stable material kind lace, the combination will make sure that fake scalp wig is better looking and quality than normal cotton cap wig. Not only the special cap, also the lovely pre-plucked baby hair is worth the words, although our website all the wigs are pre-plucked.

So the fake scalp wig’s six advantages are : no bald cap needed; no fake scalp wig needed; no plucking needed, no bleaching needed; no cornrow needed; no wig cap needed. There is no reason to refuse this beginner friendly fake scalp wigs to be yourself gift of the new year!