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Why Brazilian Hair is Your Best Option

Friday, October 19, 2018 2:09:14 AM America/Los_Angeles

Brazilian Hair is the most sought-after hair in the market, they are collected from small and rural places in Brazil. Those donors are paid for hair growing and them donate healthy hair. There are certainly a lot benefits and grades of Peruvian Hair. Brazilians are diverse, they are among European, Indian and African heritages, so each grade has different features.

The popularity of Human Hair Bundles increases, so using them to change your look has become a beauty trend. There are a lot types of hair extensions, for beginners, it will be hard to know which type to choose, and the result will greatly affect your wearing satisfaction.

Natural is Best

There are synthetic hair pieces, combination of synthetic fibers and natural hair as well as natural human hair. Synthetic hair is much less expensive than human hair, but it is made of plastic, so synthetic hair could not withstand heat. Even the best synthetic hair could not look as natural as human hair. Brazilian hair is considered to be the best virgin hair material to create better and natural looking hair extensions. Unprocessed natural hair will cost much more than other treated synthetic hairs.

Collection Method

The best hair extensions are made of virgin hair. This type of hair extensions has all hairs collected from one single donor, the hair cuticles face the same direction. So the hair extensions will feel smooth and soft. Brazilian straight hair offered by WestKiss offers glossiness that could be seen on most famous celebrities in red carpet events.

What You Want

What is your goal for choosing hair extensions? Additional length, volue or both? If you want long hair flow down your shoulder, you must know how to make the best investment. Brazilian straight hair will be an excellent choice. To increase hair volume, just choose hair pieces in shorter length.

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How To Find The Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Friday, October 12, 2018 5:56:50 PM America/Los_Angeles

When choosing a Brazilian Hair color to set off your complexion, the old rule of thumb is to match cool shades with cool skin tones and warm shades with warm skin tones, so your hair color looks natural even if it’s a far cry from the shade with which you were born. But this rule doesn’t apply to everyone—people with a neutral skin tone can opt for either, and of course you can always choose to color your hair with what you like whether ombre hair, Brazilian Straight Hair or pure color hair. Bottom line: with confidence, you can mingle anything. But if you’re wondering “huh, what Human Hair Weave color goes well with my skin tone?” Step one is finding out whether your skin’s underlying tone is warm, cool, or neutral. We suggest you refer to the following the several methods.

If your skin tone is cool…it will have blue, pink, or ruddy undertones. That is to say, if you are suitable for magenta, blue, dark blue or black. Your veins will appear bluish in natural light. You probably prefer silver jewelry. You tend to burn, so the first of the blonde ombre, sandalwood brown, brown bluepurple or honey blonde hair would undoubtedly be it, if you prefer personal independence of conduct, you could add pink or flaxen to neutralize reduce transparency, especially nowadays, it is a fashion trends and the inspiration for quirky kids everywhere. Although it is very hard to control, bright shades of golden vibrate onscreen, thanks to their skin tone-enhancing superpowers, and attractive in so shines.

If your skin tone is warm…it will have yellow, peachy, or golden undertones. That is to say, if you are comfortable with red, orange, golden yellow, or olive green. Your veins will appear greenish in natural light. Gold jewelry is your type. You could attempt to dye deep color, such as, caramel color, dark brow, emerald green, respberry brown or dark green, specially, dark green, when you have enough courage and boldness, you could hold this color, and you look so ethereal,graceful, a little cool and prominent makings and glamour out of the ordinary.

If you have a neutral skin tone…there’s no obvious undertone in your skin color. Both warm and cool tones flatter you. You could attemt to all kinds of color, Hairstyle of body wave and loose deep , along with your punk style, accentuated the young girl.

Identified your skin tone?

Great, now we can move on to the fun part. Choose any blonde, red, brunette, or black shade to complement your coolness.Or your warmth. Check out a few sample scenarios:

Say you’re a fair-skinned person who wants to choose a complementary blonde shade. If you have a cool skin tone, you’ll want to choose an icy platinum or opalescent shade. We like honey blonde hair.If you’re choosing a striking new hairstyle or color, try the new look in stages to see how it works.

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How to Maintain Brazilian Hair Weave

Friday, September 28, 2018 2:52:11 AM America/Los_Angeles

The key to taking care of Brazilian hair weave is regular washing and deep conditioning. This helps to prevent oil and product buildup, which can leave Brazilian hair weave looking dull and limp. Before you begin washing your extensions, comb thorough the hair using a wide-toothed comb to remove any tangles.

After the hair is detangled, thoroughly apply some type of natural hair, such as coconut or olive oil, to your scalp and natural hair. Oil should also be applied to any portions of your natural hair that are left out, especially at the crown, nape and hairline.

Once oils have been applied, you will need to dampen your extensions. Using a spray bottle, begin misting your hair with water in manageable sections. Be sure that all of the hair is damp and wet, then comb through it again using your wide-toothed comb. You also need to comb through any portions of your real hair that are left out.

Next, take your favorite deep conditioning treatment or masque and apply it to both your real hair and Brazilian extensions. You’ll need to use an ample amount of conditioning product to saturate the weave thoroughly. Once the conditioner has been added, clip or pin your hair up and put on a plastic shower cap.

You should wear the shower cap for at least one hour before washing. You’ll have better results if you wash your hair with a pure, or sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
On towel-dried hair, you will next apply your favorite straightening balm and natural oil. Be sure that these products are distributed thoroughly throughout your extensions and real hair.

The next step is blow drying. This may take you some time as you want to make sure that all the hair weave is dry, especially the tracks. Use a round or paddle brush as you blow dry the hair to prevent tangles and speed up the drying process.

After drying all of your hair, brush through it again to remove any knots or tangles and begin applying your favorite leave-in conditioner to the weave and all parts of your natural hair.

Lightly go over your hair again with a blow dryer. The heat from your blow dryer sets the leave-in conditioner and helps it penetrate your scalp.

Brush your hair weave again and then add your favorite natural oil to the extensions. Place your part where desired and separate your hair down the middle into two sections.

Add your favorite setting lotion or foam and braid each section into a large braid. This step helps to reestablish any wave or curl pattern in the weave. If you’re going for a straight look, don’t braid the hair. Instead, wrap the hair around your head and secure it in place with clips or bobby pins.

Taking care of your Brazilian hair weave is important for beautiful, long-lasting weaves. It is critical to the health of your real hair as well. The process outlined above is simple and will leave both your weave and natural hair feeling clean and refreshed. It’s recommended that you complete this washing routine at night before bed. This will allows your hair to set overnight and will reduce styling time in the morning.

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How to Curl Your Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Hair

Tuesday, September 18, 2018 2:34:30 AM America/Los_Angeles

When selecting the type of virgin hair to buy, the Brazilian hair is easily the most popular of them all. However, there are other options such as Indian, Peruvian, Malaysian among many others. You can start by making an analysis of the different types of hair. Of course, Brazilian hair has a variety of hair types such as body wave, loose wave, deep wave, natural wave, straight hair and curly hair in any color. But lots of women love the Virgin Brazilian body wave hair bundles because this hair could become curly hair. Here WestKiss hair and beauty online shares the methods on how to curl Brazilian body wave hair.

Using a Curling Iron
The most conventional and fastest way to curl your hair extensions is to use a curling iron. Make sure the temperature doesn’t go above 120C-180C to ensure no damage is done to the hair. Working from the nape up, start with a small section of hair. Clap the end of this section into the barrel of your curling iron and your hair upwards. Hold for 10-20 seconds and release. Continue over your entire head. Once you're done, finger combs your curly hair for cute style.

Using a Flat Iron
You'll typically see this method of curling your hair in salons done by the stylist. Give it a shot yourself by starting with a small section of hair at the base of your neck. Clamp down near the roots and fold the hair over the top of the iron, sliding along your hair to the end. Be sure to rotate the flat iron as you go as this is the important step that will give you curls! Once the iron is through your hair, you can define the curl by using your finger and wrapping your strands in the same direction as the curl.

Using Hair Rollers
Using hair rollers or curls is a great way to get voluminous curls without using heat on your hair extensions. The bigger the section of hair, the wider the curls; so make sure you determine what kind of style you wish to have before beginning. Wrap your hair around the hair rollers and set using a hair spray. You can wait an hour or sleep with the rollers in depending on the time you have. Gently remove the rollers and use a bit of hairspray again to set your style.

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How To Take Care Of Peruvian Body Wave Hair?

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 2:47:06 AM America/Los_Angeles

Peruvian Hair pieces give a bouncy, vibrant and thick hair look. Like other Peruvian Hair textures, our Peruvian Hair is also thick and durable, making it the ultimate multi-purpose hair. This hair is coarser in texture than Indian or Brazilian Hair and provides instant volume. Because of the Body Wave style, this look will take work to maintain as compared to straighter textures. We can find this hair style in the virgin hair and beauty company.

The following are some basic steps and techniques that you can use that will keep both your natural hair and Peruvian Body hair weave in perfect shape.The key to taking care of Peruvian hair weave is regular washing and deep conditioning. Before you begin washing your extensions, comb through the hair using a wide-toothed comb to remove any tangles.

1.Wash your virgin Peruvian body wave hair every 1-2 weeks, 1 week is highly recommended. 2 weeks should be the maximum length in which Wigs For Women goes unwashed. Failure to keep wave hair clean will result in product build up. Over time, product build up can cause tangles and destroy the texture of Wigs For Women.

2.Before wetting your hair, comb hair thoroughly using a wide tooth comb. Combing the hair prior to washing prevents tangling. Always comb hair from ends to the weft.

3.Avoid alcohol based products, causes brittleness due to its drying effect.

4.Shampoo hair in a downward motion, frantically rubbing hair together when wet can cause extreme tangling, or matting.

5.Always rinse hair with cool/cold water. Cool Water = 30%hot, 70% cold

6.Deep Condition hair every 2 weeks- 1 month. Deep conditioning is very important; it maintains the natural texture of Wigs For Women by locking in moisture. Always let the deep conditioner sit for 15-20 mins. Rinse hair thoroughly.

7.Air dry virgin Peruvian body wave hair. Air drying is the safest way to dry all virgin hair. Constantly applying heat to virgin hair leads to a loss of silkiness. Never sleep on wet hair. If you must use a hair dryer, you may. However, constant heat can cause heat damage, leading to split ends.

8.Morning maintenance for Peruvian body Wave hair: using a paddle back brush, stroke hair softly. Apply a small amount of Macadamia Oil as needed. Distribute oil evenly throughout hair.

9.Nightly maintenance for Body Wave hair: 1)Gather hair into a loose braid 2) Wrap hair as you would straight hair. Secure hair with silk head scarf and/or bonnet. Sleeping on cotton pillowcases without a scarf or bonnet, can snag HER Extensions causing torn Lace on Lace Closures and split ends on your bundles.

It is important to take care of your Peruvian body wave 100% human hair bundles for beautiful and long-lasting weaves. It is critical to the health of your real hair as well. The process outlined above is simple and will leave both your weave and the natural hair feeling clean and refreshed. It’s recommended that you complete this washing routine at night before bed. This will allows your hair to set overnight and will reduce styling time in the morning.

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How To Care For Your Real Hair?

Friday, September 7, 2018 7:10:13 PM America/Los_Angeles

Want to keep your Brazilian Hair under the weave healthy and strong. There is no point of wearing a protective style if your refuse to care for your hair. So Westkiss Hair brings you some methods on care for your real hair.

You are obsessive about keeping your hair moisturized underneath a sew-in Human Hair Weave. Your go to choice of moisturizer is a braid spray. You will use a braid spray or moisturizer generously on the Hair every other day. This takes care of your scalp as well, and it ensures that you won't have dry/brittle hair when you remove the braids.

Your scalp can get very dry under a weave and it isn't uncommon for you to experience a few flakes. Oiling your scalp nightly is something you try to do faithfully. Purchasing a bottle with a thin nozzle, or a spray bottle and filling it with your favorite oil will do the trick. Apply this oil liberally to the natural hair only. You don't want to get your sew-in weave greasy as this will ruin the quality of hair.

The natural hair and weave hair must be washed weekly no matter what. Healthy hair grows out of a clean and healthy scalp. Being in a weave is no excuse to not wash the hair. You are careful to use a sulfate-free shampoo during this time.

Deep Conditioning
After shampooing the hair and weave, you apply a deep conditioner on both the weave hair and your exposed hair and sit under a hooded dryer for at least 30 minutes. The natural hair and weave love this process, and it also helps to keep the hair moist.

Protect Your Hairline
You protect your hairline by massaging castor oil into it every single night and while styling if I remember. Weaves and braids can wreak havoc on the hairline if you are not careful. Take the necessary precaution by massaging and applying castor oil as often as possible. Also, during installation, make sure the braids aren't too taught.

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What Is The Different Between Weave And Wig?

Friday, August 31, 2018 2:46:54 AM America/Los_Angeles

More and more woman prefer to buy Brazilian Hair product in recent year. As we all know, there are many beautiful human hair products sold on the market. The human hair wig and weave provides the natural look you want and offers options for hairstyle. Still, many women are hesitated to choose the weave or wig. Now, AsteriaHair, a senior virgin hair vendor, help you to solve this problem.

Human Hair Weave
According to add Virgin Human Hair to your natural hair, you can change your appearance. Hair weave is a hairstyle created by attaching extensions to the natural hair that gives a fuller, thicker, and gorgeous look to the hair as well as the overall personality. It is preferred by many people as you can easily style it to your desired style and easily perm it to make it wavy or curly. The Brazilian Straight Hair is great beneficial, which can help to make the hair longer and do not use chemicals or glue. Weave also gives women a versatile hair color without having to dye their hair. Using hair weave is a great way to rest your natural hair! The shortcoming of human hair weave is that if the fabric is too tight, they can cause headaches and sore scalp.

Human Hair Wig
There are two types of wig. According to hair material, It can be divided into Human Hair Wig and Synthetic Wig. Due to different techniques, there are handmade wigs and machine wigs. As a result, full lace wigs and front lace wigs are the main wig product in the market.

Human Hair Wig-Full lace wig
Full lace wig is very flexible. It’s easy to fix on your weft. This is made from stretch caps so that it has great ductility. Full lace wig must use glue to smear in order to make the wig joint. Full lace wig provide the natural baby hair to make the whole wig look natural. You should use it carefully. Besides, you can sew the clip on the lace that also can fix it up.

Human Hair Wig-Frontal Lace Wig
Front lace wig has about 2-3.5 inches at the front of the wig, while the machine weft is at the back. It’s not as flexible as the full lace wig, but it’s more durable. In some cases, you can still tie up hair which depend on how it’s made.

Finally, I believe that you’re already realize the difference of weave and wig.

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How To Take Care Of Curly Hair Weaves

Friday, August 24, 2018 7:12:10 PM America/Los_Angeles

Curly hair gives the owner fantastic hair looks and I guess every girl has wondered to have a full head of curly hair. But we all know that Human Hair Weave is easy to frizz, so to know how to take good care of your curly hair type is quite important for keeping good-looking curly hair. However, once you take good care of your Brazilian Hair, you will get a very perfect result.

Shampooing is not good for the curly hair weave, whether you use which shampoo band. Shampooing too often is just a matter of letting the hair dryer, and then brushing and using the Human Wigs For Women dryer process is actually causing greater damage.

In order to prevent dryness, concentrate you’re shampooing on the scalp, mostly and then gently shampoo the ends of your hair. Also, lather up only twice; unless you’re using heavy styling products, twice should be enough to get your hair clean.

The hair doesn’t get sudsy with lather until the second shampooing because, when the hair has styling products, oils or shine serums on it, they prevent the foaming of the shampoo from becoming sudsy. With first shampooing you are removing this buildup, which leaves the hair clean enough so that shampoo can get sudsy in second shampooing.

How to condition your curly hair
The secret is to apply the conditioner only to the length of your hair. Apply it minimally to the new growth near the scalp. On that way the conditioner will be kept from greasing up the scalp and weighing down the hair closest to it, which will result in flat hair at the scalp and puffy hair everywhere else.

Try keeping the conditioner on for as long as possible, the longer it is left on, the more moisturizing it will be. A small amount applied from mid-length to the ends of curly hair will add an extra measure of smoothness and softness.

Another tip is to sleep with your conditioner on the ends of your hair. This overnight treatment can go a long way toward ensuring the morning after is the start of a good hair day! For overnight use, you don’t need a special treatment, such as a hair mask or hot oil or some type of plant oil. The ingredients in these “treatment” conditioners are merely conditioning ingredients in a more emollient base, and oils are just oils. What counts most is keeping the conditioner on as long as possible.

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How To Tell Human Hair And Synthetic Hair

Friday, August 17, 2018 2:51:16 AM America/Los_Angeles

Human Hair Weave are primarily differentiated based on whether they are made of synthetic or natural human hair. In this context, Brazilian Hair is natural human hair of Brazilian origin, which has not been subjected to any form of chemical treatment. Remy hair is the best and most expensive with their cuticles intact and flowing in a single direction, giving uniformity to the Human Wigs For Women.

Remy virgin hair is usually collected from a single donor. This prevents this kind of Brazilian Virgin Remy hair extensions from tangling and makes them shinier and longer lasting. Non-Remy Brazilian virgin hair can also be made tangle-free, but this involves shaving off the cuticles completely, which causes the hair to lose its sheen. Unlike Brazilian virgin hair, synthetic hair extensions are made of artificial fibers and are less expensive.

While synthetic hair extensions can come in a range of attractive styles and exotic colors, the drawback is that they cannot be re-styled and are prone to damage if exposed to chemical treatment or coloring. So, for every style or color needed, you need a different set of synthetic hair extensions. So, while Brazilian virgin hair extensions are costlier, they are more versatile and last longer. Synthetic hair extensions are cheaper and easier to maintain.

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How To Care For Your Virgin Wigs For Women?

Wednesday, August 8, 2018 2:33:54 AM America/Los_Angeles

Brazilian, Peruvian or some Caucasian type of hair are the talk of town for women who love weaves. They could be expensive but unlike the synthetic weaves, Brazilian Hair Bundles can be used over and over again. It gives the most natural looking finish and can be treated and styled just like a natural head of hair - because it too is natural.

Below are tips to help your Brazilian Hair last and look as great as when you bought it:

The products used on the Hair Bundles on a daily basis and accumulation of dust causes build up that needs to be removed regularly. Use gentle shampoos that are sulfate-free or diluted with water. Shampoos with sulfate can deteriorate the hair extension bonds. Massage gently to avoid damage and tangling.

Regular conditioning is necessary. With conditioner, the hair is revived and its suppleness restored. It also prevents the hair from frizzing and relieves tangling. Remember, however, to keep conditioner away from the extension bonds as much as possible because they can loosen the bonds.

Never cut the wefts:
Some hairdressers prefer cutting the wefts so that the extension covers more surface area. This increases shedding of the extension since it leaves it weaker.

Just like with your real hair, avoid heat tools. If you must use them, stick to ionic irons and hair dryers. Ensure the heat does not get to the bonds or you risk irreparable melting.

The most ideal is to brush your hair at least twice a day. Don’t worry about pulling the extensions out — it’s not going to happen. When you don’t brush your extension, your real hair that you lose every day can get tangled in your extensions. Your hair extension will become matted, leading to a painful removal process.

Proper storage:
When you are not wearing your weave, it is prudent to store it well. Roll it with a piece of silk or satin fabric then place an elastic band around it. The silk/satin fabric keeps the tracks separated, thus preventing tangling while not drying the hair at the same time.

Keep it dry:
When you leave your hair extension wet for long, the bonds can easily break down and chances of you getting tangles are also higher.

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